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event package considerations
Special Event Package Considerations To Help The Planning Process

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It’s that time of the year – event planning time. Whether you’re in the planning stages for an upcoming fall event, or perhaps a winter, spring or further away event, we have some insider tips you won’t want to miss out on.

When it comes to big events, big money is often involved making it crucial to pay close attention to what is or isn’t part of your potential event package.

Event package options can be varied across different venues, and often offer vastly different amenities.

One very important word to be acquainted with throughout your event planning process is concession.

Event Package Considerations

A concession, as far as events are concerned, is essentially a free or enhanced item or service the venue grants to you based on how much money you’re spending. Which concessions are offered depends on the event.

Wedding Concessions to Look For

event package considerations - wedding planningCongratulations on your big day! Choosing a venue is super exciting, but try to stay focused on finding the right deal for your budget and scope.

  • As far as wedding concessions go, if you’re planning on having a large wedding and utilizing a large event room and a big chunk of hotel rooms, you should be asking for some nice concessions.
  • Upgrade to suites for the bride and groom, maybe even
  • A few complimentary rooms depending on the size and scope of the wedding.

Other Wedding Event Package Considerations:

  • Figure out exactly which items the venue already has, so you can determine what you will or won’t have to rent. There is added value in a venue that offers linens, tables, chairs, centerpieces, etc.
  • Not only are you asking if they have said items, but you also want to make sure those items are in line with the aesthetic of the wedding.
  • The basic idea here is, the more you can use of the venues, ideally the less you have to spend, making that particular venue’s package value increase.

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Meeting Event Concessions to Look For

setting a meeting budgetLarge meeting events have many expenses. A great meeting package is going to offer quite a few concessions.

  • Naturally you’re going to need quicker wifi with greater bandwidth to accommodate the many people using multiple devices in one room. That kind of internet can get very expensive quickly, so one of your concessions might be complimentary wifi upgrades.
  • Look for other concessions such as free meeting space if a certain number of hotel rooms are reserved, or perhaps a free banquet lunch.
  • The underlying theme – the more money your company or client is spending, the more concessions should be offered.

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For Any Event, Consider The Following:

  • Cancellation Policy – This is key. A great event package also includes a somewhat lenient cancellation policy. It’s very challenging to get finalized numbers in advance because most people operate on a last-minute basis. Find out how far in advance the hotel or venue needs to know your numbers. Try to negotiate a reasonable amount of time.

CPCCLA - EVENT CTAConcessions, available items for use and cancellation policies are all some of the top considerations you’ll want to make when discussing or negotiating your event package options.

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