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planning your l.a. getaway
Helpful Insider Tips to Use When Planning Your L.A. Adventure

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Despite being a fascinating and exciting place to visit, The City of Angels can be very un-angel like at times. Don’t get us wrong, we love our city, but we recognize that it’s complex, often times pricey, and the traffic is enough to drive a person nuts.  But, L.A. is rich in culture, art, history, and so much more, making it worth the effort… right? Yes, definitely, but what if you could visit L.A. and avoid some of the usual challenges? You can – no one knows and understands the city the way locals do, so what you need are local insider tips.

We’ve got you covered in that department, so sit back, relax, and pay close attention to our tips.

Tips you can use when planning your L.A. adventure:

Getting Around Town:

planning your la visit - flyaway busL.A. is huge, we’re talking over 500 square miles. To put that in perspective, San Francisco is only 47.3 square miles in total. Yeah. So, seeing all of L.A. is unlikely, especially in a single trip, but seeing most of it – that’s doable.

  • Hop on the Metro – Though it’s not always portrayed on the big screen(s), L.A. does have a pretty savvy Metro system, and it will take you all around town. Why is this so fabulous? Because you won’t have to worry about parking of traffic – two of the most infamous horrors of the city.
  • LAX Flyaway Bus – This is a win for airport transport. Forget cab fare, Uber fare, or lugging your suitcases all around town, the Flyaway Bus has multiple pickup points, costs $8 one way, and will get you to the airport without stress.
  • Driving Tips – It’s safe to say that a few of your desired attractions will require a car to get to. How do you avoid traffic? Altogether, you can’t, but you can work to minimize it. For sure have a GPS and try to take a surface route, instead of the freeways. This won’t work every time, it will depend on how far you’re going. Also, learn the name and the number of each freeway ahead of time. California isn’t known for excellent signage, and how the freeway is referred to can change. Also, allow for extra time always, and brush up on your parallel parking skills, just in case.

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How to Not Break the Bank

planning your la visit - yogaDo you know what the average rent price is in L.A.? If not, we won’t tell you as it’s rather shocking. Point here being – L.A. has that infamous sunshine tax. Fine weather, tranquil beaches, and tons of fun things to do make L.A. an attractive to city to live in, making it an expensive city to live in or visit. Do not despair, because we know how to save you some $$.

  • Free Museums – L.A. is home to world-famous museums, and not all of them cost money! One of our favorites – the Getty Center- is free every single day. It’s just free, all the time. Also on the free list are: Getty Villa, the California Science Center at Exposition Park, and the Hammer Museum in Westwood. Others such as LACMA, the Huntington Library, and the Norton Simon Museum offer free admission once a month. So go forth and hop around from one free museum to the next.
  • Free Show Taping – L.A. is the entertainment capitol of the world. There are TV shows taping every single day, and many of them are completely free to attend. You do need to have tickets through, which you can find at various websites that organize the free show taping tickets
  • Free Yoga Outside – This is California after all, where yoga runs rampant. In a good way – we love yoga. Because the weather is warm and welcoming all year round, most of the free yoga in and around L.A. takes place in the great outdoors! While visiting, you have the opportunity to check out free yoga classes in Runyon Canyon, on the beach, in parks, and even in some studios! Visit here to checkout the details on all the free yoga classes.

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What Locals Suggest

planning your la getaway - koreatown

Photo credit: T.Tseng

Remember, there are 500 square miles of L.A. to see. How to choose? It’s challenging, but to give you some ideas, here are a few insider favorites.

  • Larchmont District – A neighborhood nestled between Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and downtown, the Larchmont District is local favorite due to its urban chic aesthetic, and yummy cuisine offerings. It’s said to have the best gelato in the city.
  • Zuma Beach – North of Malibu, Zuma Beach is a haven. It’s without the Santa Monica tourists or star watchers in Malibu. It has the softest sand, privacy, and is very family friendly.
  • Grab a Bite in Koreatown – Korean BBQ is ahh-mazing, and some of the best ever is found due North of downtown L.A., in the area known as Koreatown.
  • Laugh Your Butt Off – L.A. is home to some of the world’s best stand-up comedians! Head to a comedy club any night, and who knows – a super famous celeb may just pop in for a set!

Above all else, the number one most helpful tip we can possibly offer is – stay somewhere centrally located. Because L.A. is so expansive, your travels will take you all over town, north, east, south, and west of L.A.’s center, so it’s best to stay as close to the center as you can.

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Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Commerce Casino is one such centrally located hotel, and our team will ensure you have a relaxing stay, and will help guide you to all of your destinations! Use CPCCLA as your headquarters throughout your trip, and you will certainly have a wonderful experience.

We wish you luck with your planning, and safe travels! If you discover any new tips when you visit, please share them with us!

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