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knott's berry farm theme park
There Is More Than One Way To Be Amused In SoCal – Discover Knott’s Berry Farm

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Summer is here and it’s time for some fun! It’s not secret that one of the top Summer destinations, especially for family travel, is Los Angeles.  L.A. and its surrounding areas offer a seemingly never-ending supply of entertainment, and for all ages.  But, the one aspect of SoCal  that has kept folks coming back year after year is it’s incredible theme parks.  Disneyland, California Adventure Park, Universal Studios and the new, Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction, Six Flags Magic Mountain, to name a few.

Disneyland is by far the most iconic and famous, and not without good reason. Yet, there’s no doubt that a day at Disneyland can sometimes be a bit much, especially for the family traveling a week or more at a time. The crowds, line wait times, and skyrocketing prices can make Disneyland less than the Happiest Place on Earth

For those reasons, and more, we highly recommend you also consider nearby Knott’s Berry Farm.

Although less well known to non California natives, Knott’s Berry Farm is simply a charmingly simple, somewhat old-fashioned amusement park. We’ll give you a quick list of our favorite reasons why Knott’s Berry Farm rocks, and one or two might truly surprise you – and the kids!

What Makes Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park Awesome?

The Rides Are More Thrilling Than Disneyland

knott's berry farm theme park -silver bullet coaster

Photo source: Wikimedia

Shocking right?! The reality is that Disneyland has that magical Disney ambiance and scenery – which is what we all love to enjoy – but  rides aren’t that thrilling! Of course this doesnt matters if thrilling rides  aren’t your  idea of a good time, or the kiddos are too little for the big rides, but if you’ve got kids aching for some exciting coasters, then Disneyland won’t be all that entertaining. Knott’s Berry Farm, on the other hand, does have big coasters and thrilling rides. From a wide selection of roller coasters, to those stomach churning drop rides, Knott’s will entertain your family all day long. To further investigate the thrill level, visit here.

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The Price is Right

Southern California is not, and probably will never be, the place for great deals and bargains. The land of sunshine and palm trees is pricey, so it’s rare to be able to offer a suggestion on how to save some cash. According to Knott’s website, a single day (same day purchase) ticket is now $72. Already significantly less than Disney. It’s difficult to pin down an exact price for Disney since their website claims the prices vary by date. It’s safe to say, unless you’ve found a discount site or other way of saving, a one day ticket will be, at the very least, $95. Now, on Knott’s website, customers have the ability to purchase a ticket at least three days in advance and get a huge discount for doing so – the ticket will then only be $43. You can check out the prices for Knott’s here.

The Food is Incredible!

knott's berry farm theme park - boysenberry pastryOriginally Knott’s Berry Farm was just that – a farm! It has a history of yummy eats, and that tradition still holds true today. One of the main must-trys are the famous Boysenberries, which won’t be hard to do since they are spread on nearly everything! We suggest trying:

  • Fried chicken and Boysenberry Butter
  • Turkey Club with Boysenberry Mayo
  • Deep Fried Cheese on a Stick
  • Snoopy Cookie
  • Boysenberry Croissant Donut
  • Boysenberry Funnel Cake Sundae
  • Boysenberry Churro Sundae
  • Boysenberry Soft Serve Ice Cream

The only suggestion we make is to strategize the eating schedule with the riding schedule. Meaning – it is not advised to eat the delicious offerings and them immediately ride a roller coaster.

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Unique and Charming Experiences

knotts berry farm theme park

Photo courtesy Orange County Archives

Knott’s Berry Farm was literally created in 1920 when the original Knott’s moved to the small town of Buena Park, California, to turn 20 acres of rented land into farm. Walter and Cordelia Knott were regular hard-working Americans, and the park reflected, and continues to reflect, their spirits and sense of America. Pay homage to the great American west by panning for gold, riding through the Calico Mine Ride, and taking in a saloon show at the endearing Ghost Town section of the park. There’s also a theater meant to resemble a Native American longhouse – a truly unique experience. An Old Storyteller will verbally take guests on a mystical journey into the lives of the Pacific Northwest Native Americans.

More Space + Less Waiting = Happiness

Knott’s Berry Farm is not huge. It’s a manageable size, and you can take one glance at the map and have a general sense of the place. It’s easy to navigate and most of the time it isn’t overcrowded. When it’s not overcrowded, the wait times for rides are normal, stress-free lengths. Overall, a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm is simple, care-free, and downright fun.

Hopefully our reasons for loving Knott’s Berry Farm are helpful as you plan your Summer getaway! Another tip for enjoying Knott’s as well as the rest of SoCal attractions – choose a centrally located hotel. There are plenty of accommodation options in the L.A. area, but few are within an easy driving distance of all the major attractions. Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Commerce Casino is one such centrally located hotel. CPCCLA is one of the most accommodating hotels near Knott’s Berry Farm and will be a very relaxing place to return to after a day of fun. If you need any more advice, insider tips, or questions answered about the L.A. area, don’t hesitate to contact us! Happy planning!

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