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L.A. Beach Guide - Santa Monica beach
An L.A. Beach Guide For All the Beach Experiences You Need to Have This Summer

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Life’s a beach. Right? Well maybe not all of the time, but when life isn’t necessarily  beach, why not escape to a beach?!  Los Angeles, California is not just the city of angels, home to hollywood stars and fancy cars, it is also home to a variety of unique beaches.

Where to begin though? There are miles of Pacific coastline, and only so much time in one vacation! Fret not, to kick off this Summer season, we’ve compiled an L.A. beach guide to help differentiate between the different types of beaches that can be found in, and around, L.A.

Our L.A. Beach Guide – Just For You

The Classical SoCal Beach – Santa Monica Beach

l.a. beach guide - santa monica beach

Photo source: Web4Cam Guy

All the movies, all the shows, this is the beach that comes to mind when we think of that classic Southern California beach – Santa Monica Beach. North of the Santa Monica Pier, another SoCal class, this is quite the popular beach. About two miles long, it seems to go on forever which means there’s plenty of space to enjoy! Go for an easy stroll, lay out in the warm sand, play some volleyball, bike ride – just don’t forget the sunblock!

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The Incredibly Beautiful and Romantic Beach – El Matador Beach

Probably the most similar to beaches  reminiscent of Europe, El Matador is small yet full of beautiful rock formations and cliffs. There aren’t any lifeguards or facilities so this is the perfect place for a tranquil or romantic beach date. El Matador is about six miles north of Malibu and 25 miles from Santa Monica. Try to wear supportive shoes as the way down is a steep gravelly path.

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The Most Entertaining Beach in the World – Venice Beach

l.a. beach guide - venice beach

Photo source: Wikimedia

If you like to shop, eat, and people watch, while at the beach then this is the spot for you. The winding boardwalk is filled with skaters, bikers, walkers, talkers, and everyone else you can imagine. There’s even a part of the beach called “muscle beach” where Arnold Schwarzenegger famously worked out back in the day.

The Best Beach to Escape the Crowds (and for a workout) – Dockweiler Beach

You may find yourself craving a beach day that isn’t quite as crowded and tourist filled as places such as Venice Beach. When that happens you’ll want to head to tranquil Dockweiler Beach. Located in Playa del Rey near plenty of parking lots and easy access to volleyball courts and bike paths, Dockweiler will ensure you have an invigorating and relaxing beach day.

The Hipster Beach of SoCal – Hermosa Beach

Ok, not just for hipsters, Hermosa Beach is famous for its array of outdoor beach activities. Surfing, swimming, sunbathing, volleyball, paddleball and more. There is a paved boardwalk bordering the beach which supports a myriad of bikers, runners, strollers, and even roller bladers. There are also many restaurants and bars, making this a fun spot at night as well.

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The Surfing Beach – Zuma Beach

l.a. beach guide - zuma beachThere’s no way to label any beach “the best surfing beach,” because there are a variety of opinions regarding this matter, and plus it also depends on the time of year. With that being said, Zuma Beach is a very fine surfing beach. Slightly north of Malibu, Zuma is at its best in the Summer, but it is known to have nice swells throughout the year as well. Definitely pack or rent a wetsuit as the water is chilly, even in the Summer.

Keep in mind, there are miles of coastline both above and below L.A., so these suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg! Going to the beach is one of the main southern California activities, and you’re bound to have an excellent time.

If you’ve got beaches and attractions all across L.A. county in your itinerary, we highly recommend choosing centrally located accommodations, and making day trips out to each place. A lot of time gets wasted trying to constantly check in, check out, and find various hotels. Use one hotel as your headquarters and look forward to each relaxing evening after a fun-filled day of adventure! Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Commerce Casino is one such centrally located hotel, and the friendly team there will be happy to help you find your way to every attraction you wish to see, and will even give you their favorite recommendations as well! Happy planning and safe travels!

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